Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Naughty Little Elf / Kansas City Photographer

What kind of trouble is he going to get in to this year?

Follow along this December and see just what our elf does!
If you have crazy ideas, please share!

What's an Elf to do when he needs new clothes?
Cut up E's skirt and make some of course!

Hanging out in the living room....

Elf Donuts!!!

He made 'starfish' by dipping fish pretzels and star pretzels in almond bark!

I think every Elf has to Tee-pee the Christmas tree!

Photo Challenge Submission

Sweet Baby Faces

G2 by SLewis Photography
G2, a photo by SLewis Photography on Flickr.

Sweet Baby Faces

E2 by SLewis Photography
E2, a photo by SLewis Photography on Flickr.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


QB is 8!!!

Anyone who knows our son, knows his obsession with Angry Birds!
  I'm just sad we didn't invent this craze!

 No Angry Bird Party is complete, with an Angry Bird watermelon boat!

 8 years old...and SO happy!